LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community member thankful for vaccine rollout

by Apr 10, 2021OPINIONS


As both a tribal employee and the spouse of an enrolled member, I got my second dose of the COVID vaccine at the Cherokee Hospital on Tuesday, April 6.  I feel like it is important to give praise where it is due.  I want to thank tribal leadership for doing such an extraordinary job with the vaccine rollout.  I appreciate all the time and effort the Principal Chief, Vice Chief, and Tribal Council have put into dealing with COVID over the last year.  It has certainly been a challenge.  Thank you to leadership at the Cherokee Hospital and tribal public health and to all the employees who have worked so hard to make the vaccination campaign a success.  Logistically the entire process was very well organized, and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  The hospital is first class.  The Cherokee community has good reason to be very proud to have it.

Chris Siewers

Big Cove Community