LETTER: Cherokee veteran thanks Cherokee Indian Hospital

by Aug 4, 2018OPINIONS


Recently, I had a three-day stay in the Cherokee Indian Hospital at Cherokee.  Even though I was very sick, this experience was a high water mark for me.

I am now 93-years-old and a World War II Veteran.  I have been in Army hospitals and in several others over the past seventy plus years.  Of all the places I have been, this was the best hospital I have ever seen.

I want to thank our Tribe for providing this beautiful, well-equipped and well-kept facility for us.  It was kept very clean as well.

I would like to publicly thank all the doctors, nurses, lab staff, radiology staff, custodians, food service staff and others that I can’t name for their kindness, compassion, patience and professional service they provided to me.  I absolutely wanted for nothing more.

I would like to cite one incident that is typical of those kind people.  A lady from food service came to my room and brought me a bowl of hot soup after I had been admitted to the hospital from the ER.  She asked me what I wanted to drink with my meal.  I said, “Coffee for breakfast and buttermilk for the other meals.”  She said, “We don’t have buttermilk.”  I responded, “That is alright, sweet milk will be fine.”  She said nothing more.  The next day at lunch, guess what.  I had a big glass of cold thick buttermilk on my tray and also with the other meals.  

The day I was discharged, they had planned for me to be out before noon, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they were not able to dismiss me until the afternoon.  That same lady from food service came in about 11am and said, “I see you are going to be with us for lunch.”  I said, “Yes, I will.”  She said, “Do you want buttermilk?”  Of course, I responded that I would like that if she still had some.  She said, “I do have some buttermilk just for you.”  She did not have to go out and buy buttermilk for one patient, but she went over and beyond her call of duty.  That is the way it was during my stay.

The staff of the ER was very prompt and quick which is not like most places.  Usually you have to wait a long time to see a doctor and get your needed help.

I truly thank God for such a wonderful place for those who are sick.


Respectfully submitted,

Fred B. Lunsford

Marble, NC