Tribal Council results for Thursday, March 6

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Item No. 1 – Last will and testament of Esther Lee Owle Waldroup (d) – Hold until April


Res. No. 142 – Denning A. Rochester request to lease land to open waterpark – Amended/Tabled


Item No. 3 – Barry and Collette Coggins request to lease parcels 56-A and 56-B and 57-B and a portion of parcel No. 60-A for a Wildlife Park & Sanctuary – Hold


Res. No. 127 – Tabled Res. No. 127 – request from Brandon Locust, Charlene Rodriguez and Timothy J. Locust to purchase (1) one buildable acre each on the Boundary Tree Tract at the cost of $50 per acre for housing purposes, to be garnished from their June 2014 per capita – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 128 – Tabled Res. No. 128, request from Cheryl Maney and the three minor children of Frieda N. Ivey Saylor to purchase (1) one acre each of buildable property at the cost of $500 per acre for housing purposes – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 143 – John Charles Sherrill requesting to purchase one buildable acre of Tribal Land on the Boundary Tree Tract for $500 per acre – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 144 – Cassandra Driver Maye and Derek Driver request to purchase one buildable acre of land on Katie Littlejohn Road in the Big Cove Community – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 124 – Sally Tramper Kent requests access to her property without signatures of Tammy Wynette Queen, Stuart Dwight Crowe and Raven Andrew Tramper – Tabled


Res. No. 145 – Tyler and Olivia Blankenship requests that EBCI be responsible for relocating and rebuilding of house site – Tabled


Res. No. 146 – Newman Arneach (d) heirs request a closed working session with Tribal Council regarding the resolution submitted by Tyler Blankenship – Tabled


Item No. 11 – Resolution requesting to decrease TGC/TCGE Board Member’s salaries – Hold


Ord. No. 83 – Tabled Ord. No. 83, Amendment to Chapter 95 – Tribal Employment Preference Law, submitted by Janet Arch – Tabled for work session


Item No. 13 – TERO Commission vacancy – Tabled for work session

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