Thank you from the family of Michael “Bear” Pheasant

by Feb 10, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

The family of Michael “Bear” Pheasant would like to say thank you for all the love and support we received during his short stay at the hospital.  We finally lost the battle for his life but we didn’t lose the war for his soul, Praise Bod, he prayed.

To the nurses: thank you for being so sweet and caring beyond the call of duty.  To our family and friends: words cannot express the love we felt for each of you for when we hurt, your hurt, when we laughed you laughed.  Thanks for the strength you gave us so freely when we needed it most.  The flowers were so beautiful and the food so delicious.  Thanks for being there regardless of the weather.

To the singers: Thanks for the beautiful songs you sang they gave comfort and helped get out the grief we were feeling deep in our hearts and souls. To the preachers: Charles Griffin and Betty Drake a great big thanks for the sermon and the words spoken over “Bear” he really was funny. But truer words couldn’t have been said concerning his soul. 

To the grave diggers and pall bearers, a great big thank you for working in the snow and ice.  He would have loved hearing the joke told at the gravesite and knowing that we all came together for him. Thanks Long House for a job well done. 

Linda, Janice, Randy, Robert, Cindy and all the family