LETTER: Searching for portrait of Goingback Chiltoskey

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In the mid-1970s, I spent two years doing portraits of some friends in Cherokee that included John Wilnoty, Virginia Standingdeer, Mary and Goingback Chiltoskey, and others to preserve their legacy for the Cherokee Museum. Goingback was especially pleased with one of his oil portraits, which measured about 24 by 30 inches.  He was wearing a red bandana and holding one of his carvings with the Cherokee Seal in the background. We hung both that painting and the preliminary sketch in his home for him and Mary to enjoy. He agreed and was pleased to know that upon his passing the two works would go to the CherokeeMuseum to hang as a tribute to him and token of our friendship.

GB with seal1After Goingback’s passing, I heard that his possessions had been auctioned off, but I was unable to learn where the two works ended up. I would appreciate the help of the readers of One Feather in locating the works so that they end up in the Museum as part of Goingback’s legacy and pursuant to his wishes.

If anyone knows of the location of this painting and/or the preliminary pencil sketch, please contact me. I can send a photograph of the painting to anyone who wishes to confirm the painting they suspect is the one being sought. Thank you.



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