Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, March 8

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                8:30am – Reports and announcements

                9:00am – Request for time – Tommye Saunooke, recognition of Smokey Mountain Middle School Boys Basketball team

                9:10am – Tribal Council recognition of tribal employee retirees – Fran Walkingstick, John Bull Standingdeer, Lou Ellen Jackson and Reba Rattler

                9:20am – Recognition of political candidates – Cecil Bothwell, candidate for NC District 11 Congressional seat, and Joe Sam Queen, candidate for House seat 119

                9:30am – Request to recognize 2012 Remember the Removal bike riders, Sheena Kanott

                9:40am – Request for time – Lois Dunston, Child Abuse Prevention Month

                9:50am – Tabled Res. No. 1 – Tony Bernhisel requests compensation for damages to property (Item No. 1)

                10:00am – Tabled Res. No. 175 – Mary Ensley – heirs of Dora Saunooke Johnson – property located in Yellowhill Community (Item No. 2)

                10:10am – Resolution submitted by Susie Jones – Request that Council rescind Res. No. 563 (2008) regarding reorganization of all Tribal housing programs into one Tribal Housing Division (Item No. 3)

                10:20am – Resolution submitted by Paulette Smart regarding assistance with Ela Dam and Duke Energy (Item No. 4)

                10:30am – Request by Geneva J. Villatoro for one acre of Tribal property (Item No. 5)

                10:40am – Last will & testament of Ruth Youngbird Beck (d) (Item No. 6)

                10:50am – Request that transfers to Jeremiah Daniel Gloyne (D) heirs be approved without the signature of Roberta Lynn Gloyne and Helen Louise Gloyne Snow (Item No. 7)

                11:00am – Request for right-of-way to Teague Bradley Parker to Big Cove Community Parcel No. 359-H without the signatures of Cora Lynn Sanders Crowe, Janice Lambert Mulholland and Sylvia Lambert Leathlean (Item No. 8)

                11:10am – Sylvia Louise Lambert Leathlean and Janice Lambert Mulholland, first generation heirs, desire to transfer property to James Austin Raby (Item No. 9)

                11:20am – Assignment of mutual-help homes (Item No. 10)

                11:30am – Tabled Res. No. 83 – Council requests Community Service workers be utilized for trash pick-up on roadsides of the Qualla Boundary (Item No. 11)

                11:40am – Tabled Ord. No. 84 – Amendment o Sec. 16-C of the Cherokee Code – Endowment I, Endowment II, Minors Trust Fund and Debt Service Sinking Fund (Item No. 12)

                11:50am – Tabled Ord. No. 85 – Amendment to Elections Ordinance (Item No. 13)

                1:00pm – Request for community forums and survey regarding development of Tribal social services initiative (Item No. 14)

                1:10pm – FY2012 Tribal Road Inventory and LRTP updated and amended (Item No. 15)

                1:20pm – Council and Executive work to establish legal framework for Tribal programs and Cherokee Courts to carry out adult and child protection services within the Tribe’s jurisdiction (Item No. 16)

                1:30pm – Ordinances to be deemed read and tabled for 25 days

– Chapter 92 – Amendment to Tribal Business Preference Law (Item No. 17)

– Tribal Personnel Policy – amendments (Item No. 18)

***Banishment items as necessary

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