Chief’s Community Report – Nov. 3

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              Doyu ulihelisdodi agiwonihisdi hi gvnigesv igvndii.

             This Fall season has been a busy one, offering much opportunity to sit down with the Deputy Officers of the Eastern Band and plan for the next four years.  I am very excited about the direction this Tribe is headed and with your help I know we can accomplish great things. 

            The past month has been busy with Annual Council and Budget hearings.  Every year Tribal Council meets with finance staff and each program to go over their annual budget.  As always Tribal Council and our Finance Department work very hard to balance the Tribal budget, ensuring that the EBCI is being fiscally responsible while maintaining our employee base and our tribal services.  I would like to thank our Finance Department for their diligence and scrutiny while preparing our Tribal Budget. 

            Wednesday, October 19th I was honored to attend the Ribbon Cutting for the Immediate Care Clinic.  This clinic will give our enrolled members an added opportunity for healthcare that will have the added benefit of being more flexible to accommodate many of our busy schedules. 

            The Cherokee Indian Hospital held their Annual Heritage Gala this past Saturday at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel.  The Heritage Gala benefits the Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation, which ensure our Hospital has all the necessary equipment and services to provide the best possible care to our Cherokee community. 

            This past Tuesday I had the honor of presenting the second Cherokee Elders Book to senior citizens at Tsali Manor.  This Elders Book is a collection of pictures and quotes from our elders.  I will be visiting with the Cherokee County John Welch Senior Center and the Snowbird Senior Center in the coming weeks.  Please contact Ashleigh Stephens at (828) 497-7029 with any questions.

            Finally, I would like to share the final amount for the per capita payment this December.  Last year enrolled members received $4,099 in December and that amount has been increased by 4% to make this December’s payout $4,298.  I would like to thank the wonderful staff we have at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel for their hard work and dedication. 



Unelanv adatolosdi nihi.