Hicks, Blythe win 3rd terms

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      There will be no redecorating either of the executive offices as both Principal Chief Michell Hicks and Vice Chief Larry Blythe won their bids for re-election for third terms on Thursday, Sept. 1. 

Principal Chief Michell Hicks

      Chief Hicks defeated Patrick Lambert by 135 votes in a rematch of the 2007 election.  He carried five of the eight voting townships including:  Yellowhill, Painttown, Big Y, Wolftown and Cherokee County. 

      Write-in candidate Susan Toineeta garnered 80 votes. 

      “I have never been more honored to stand before you as your Principal Chief,” Chief Hicks said in a statement.  “Your outpouring of support and prayers over the last few months sustained my family and I through this very difficult election.”

Vice Chief Larry Blythe

               In a letter to the One Feather, Lambert thanked his supporters and related, “I believe our decisions to not get in the mud were the right decisions for many reasons. I felt that we all have to live together afterwards, so I wanted to conduct an election that we could be proud of after the dust settled.”

     In another rematch from the 2007 election, Vice Chief Larry Blythe defeated Big Cove Rep. Teresa McCoy by a margin of 76 votes (2,112 – 2,036).  Both candidates carried four voting townships with Vice Chief Blythe carrying Yellowhill, Painttown, Cherokee County and Snowbird and Rep. McCoy carrying Big Cove, Birdtown, Big Y and Wolfetown. 

     “My family and I want to say thank you first and foremost to God for the many blessings he has bestowed on our family and on our community,” Vice Chief Blythe wrote in a letter to the One Feather.  “I also want to say thank you to everyone who supported me during this campaign.  Your prayers, kind words and thoughts, and your vote have touched my heart.”

     Rep. McCoy also thanked her supporters and commented on the election in a letter to the One Feather.  “It is clear there is an almost equal division in our Tribe. The votes showed that. Hopefully, our government will focus on the needs of our enrolled members and not themselves. There are so many of you who helped me and kept us in your prayers. Thank you. Your phone calls and messages were heartwarming and wonderful.”

     All 11 incumbents running for Tribal Council seats won re-election.  The only new face in the Council Chambers will be Bo Taylor who won a seat for the Big Cove Community. 


Full Election Results 

A complete breakdown of voting by township:


EBCI General Election Results


 Principal Chief

Michell Hicks 2,124

Patrick Lambert 1,989

Susan Toineeta (write-in) 80


Vice Chief

Larry Blythe 2,112

Teresa McCoy 2,036

Write-in 7


Yellowhill Council

David Wolfe 351

Alan “B” Ensley 289

Jimmy Bradley 211

John D. Long 91

Write-in 4


Yellowhill School Board

T.W. (Price) Saunooke 310

Doris Johnson (Write-in) 125


Big Cove Council

Perry Shell 303

Bo Taylor 230

Frankie Lee Bottchenbaugh 190

Lori Taylor 157

Write-in 4


Birdtown Council

Gene “Tunney” Crowe, Jr. 701

Jim Owle 694

Terri Lee Taylor 422

Faye McCoy 112

Write-in 7


Painttown Council

Tommye Saunooke 346 

Terri Henry 280

Marie Junaluska 241

Yona Wade 181

Write-in 1


Painttown School Board

Charlotte Saunooke 331

Anthony Sequoyah 238

Write-in 1


Big Y/Wolftown

Mike Parker 531

Dennis Edward (Bill) Taylor 525

Kathy “Rock” Burgess 363

Dwayne “Tuff” Jackson 354

Write-in 2


Big Y/Wolftown School Board

John Dick Crowe 251

Write-in 1


Cherokee Co. – Snowbird Council

Adam Wachacha 285

Diamond Brown 266

Angela Rose Kephart 211

Brenda Norville 163