Ayers appointed to Police Commission

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                John Ayers, Cherokee Tribal Clerk of Court, has been appointed to serve on the Cherokee Police Commission.   His appointment was approved during the regular session of Tribal Council on Aug. 4. 

                “When I first learned of the nomination, I was pleasantly surprised,” said Ayers.  “It means a lot to me to have Tribal leaders have faith in my ability to serve my Tribe at such a level.” 

                Ayers, an EBCI tribal member and lifelong resident of the Birdtown Community, resides in the community with his wife, Meredith, and two cats.  A 2004 graduate from Western Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Ayers is currently an applicant to receive his master’s degree in Criminal Justice.  He is also the proud head coach of the Cherokee Midget Girls Travel League basketball team. 

                “I have to say thank you to Chief Hicks for the nomination and to all of the Tribal Council members showing their faith in me by approving the nomination,” said Ayers.  “I will reward this faith by working hard with my fellow Commissioners to help improve all aspects of law enforcement so they may provide top-notch service to our enrolled members.” 

                Ayers will serve out the remainder of the term of David Blanton, who recently resigned from the Commission, which ends Sept. 20, 2012.