NC Symphony visits Cherokee Central Schools

by Mar 22, 2011COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments

The NC Symphony performs for the 4th grade students at Cherokee Elementary on Wednesday, March 16. (Photo courtesy of Yona Wade/Cherokee Central Schools)

     The Cultural Arts Center at Cherokee Central Schools hosted the N.C. Symphony on Wednesday, March 16.  Funded by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation, the NC Symphony presented a full day of education.

     Beginning with the 2nd and 4th grade blocks, a small ensemble presented to the students in our Gathering Place.  These students had the opportunity to explore texture, rhythm, tempo and other musical terms. 

     “Many students have never had the opportunity to experience classical instruments up close,” said CAC Dir. Yona Wade.  “I am grateful to the Preservation Foundation for providing our students this opportunity.” 

     CHS band students had an opportunity to meet with individuals from the NC Symphony and Rob Johnson’s audio/media students had the opportunity to speak with the symphony conductor, Sarah Hicks. 

     The day peaked with a concert presented by the full orchestra to grades K-12. 

– Cherokee Central Schools