Open Air Market to start Next Weekend

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Mary Jane Ferguson (left) and Mary Ann Thompson, pose in front of a sample booth set up by Thompson to demonstrate the types of items that will be available at the upcoming Cherokee Culture-Agriculture Market. (Photo by Scott McKie B.P./One Feather)

The Cherokee Culture-Agriculture Market featuring “Handmade, Homemade, Homegrown” items will start on Saturday, June 26 at the Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds.  The Market is open to all EBCI tribal member vendors and will be held each Saturday through the first Saturday of October (the exception being Harley Rally in September).   

The $10 vendor fee, which includes a tent, a table, and two chairs, may be paid to Jeremy Polecatt at the Cherokee Welcome Center across from the Fairgrounds. 

The original idea was hatched by Mary Thompson, an EBCI tribal member from the Big Cove Community.  She, in turn, discussed the idea with EBCI Travel and Promotion staff as well as the Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, Inc. board.  Both were on board and the idea took off from there. 

“I’m hoping that it goes over really well,” said Thompson.  “Hopefully this will turn into an annual event.”

Robert Jumper, EBCI Travel and Promotions manager, said, “I think it’s something that is going to garner a lot of attention – a kind of show-stopper so people can see what we’re all about.” 

Sarah McClellan-Welch, EBCI agrictulture agent, commented previously on the Market, “This market will be great!  I think that combining Cherokee Art and Agriculture will make a really pleasant shopping experience.” 

 Mary Jane Ferguson, EBCI Travel and Promotions director, had said, “The Cherokee Homemade-Handmade market for local artists and farmers is a welcomed opportunity that will showcase the beautiful art created in Cherokee.” 

For more information on the Market, call Jeremy Polecatt at the Cherokee Welcome Center (828) 497-1056.