Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2019

Unofficial list of Eastern Band Cherokee candidates as of Thursday, March 7


Following is a list of unofficial candidates for offices of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, per the Cherokee Election Board, pending background checks and certifications.  


Principal Chief

Teresa McCoy

Richie Sneed

Carroll “Peanut” Crowe

Phillip Ellington

Gary R. Ledford


Vice Chief

Alan “B” Ensley


Big Cove Tribal Council

Fred Penick

Richard French


Yellowhill Tribal Council

Tom Wahnetah

Rose Shell-Maney


Cherokee Co./Snowbird Tribal Council

Adam Wachacha

Janell Rattler

Bucky Brown


Birdtown Tribal Council

Albert Rose

Boyd Owle


Big Y/Wolftown Tribal Council

Bo Crowe

Bill Taylor

Tony Cabe

Jess “Fonzie” Sneed

Jeremy Wilson

Paula “Cricket” Brown Wojtkowski

Sam “Frell” Reed

Chelsea Saunooke


Painttown Tribal Council

Tommye Saunooke

Dike Sneed

Lisa Taylor


Big Y School Board 

Sharon E. Bradley

Tara Reed-Cooper


Yellowhill School Board

Jennifer Thompson