Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2019

SPEAKING OF FAITH: Answers come in many ways





This is what the LORD says, He who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Jeremiah 33:2-3 (NIV)


This is a promise to everyone.  The promise is made to provide assurance to all hearts who call to Him for His answers, and He is the very God who provides the answers to them.  He will answer.  He is not a man, He is God.   He would never lie to them.  He will answer them even more fully and completely than they may have asked of Him, always in His timing.  He wants everyone to understand the full expanse of ways in which He may choose to express Himself.  He is a totally limitless God, One who is in all places omnipresent, even in the very air they breathe.  He knows all things. His Power is unlimited and creative.  He always knows and hears even the softest whisper of a heart of one searching for Him, to know Him—and His answers.  The question could be asked, “Is the person asking, truly wanting HIS answer?”  Do they want an answer that causes the seeker to know Him better—even as a friend?  He is the One who knows all things…

Answers may come to a seeker in so many ways.  They may come as one word, a thought, in a song reminded of or just heard, a mind picture flashing through their thinking.  Would they be prepared to receive it as His answer from a God who really loves them?  Wanting to know the real answer, from His Heart, is the best way to reach His true Heart.  Seeking Him to learn His ways draws Him as nothing else can.  He may even test a person’s heart to see if they will obey what He gives them to do—perhaps an assignment.  A person cannot help but get to know Him better as they develop a relationship with Him.

Reading and studying in the Bible how others were able to “hear” from Him, is really the best way to “hear and see” Him for oneself.   When one receives His answer to a question, and since you know the answer is His, you begin to trust Him.  He may even “highlight” an answer right there in His Word as a person is reading.  That way, there is a peace that comes from deep inside a person when an answer is received from Him,  they can trust that as their own gut feeling—a deeper knowing—it is the answer.

The Bible, easily the most widely distributed book in history, can be said to contain His Words written down by over 40 of His most faithful servants over a period of 1,600 years.

The remarkable thing is the way it presents to people a picture of God as all powerful, all knowing and presents Him as always there when He is called upon.  He enters in conversations with all types of people.  Talking with scholars, priests, shepherds, kings, men, women, young boys and girls, servants, He has spoken what He wanted to tell them—even once using a donkey actually speaking to a prophet to get His point across!

He hears.  He answers.  He also knows the seeking heart of a person.  Is the person asking Him for His answers?  He knows the difference when someone is asking a heartfelt question of Him and who is in a relationship with Him and one who is not.

“Und dann es war Licht, ”—meaning ..”And then there was Light”—Guttenberg’s Family Crest.

(He was the one who first printed the Bible)  It is located just outside his Museum in Mainz, Germany.