Published On: Tue, Oct 9th, 2018

Deadline for Yogi Crowe Scholarship approaching


The Board of Directors of the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund reminds graduate and post-graduate students that Thursday, Nov. 1 is the deadline for requesting financial assistance from the Fund for spring semester.  Applications and eligibility guidelines are available from any of the board members, from Tribal Education or from the Website    Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date and mailed on or before the deadline.  Applications not postmarked or received electronically by the deadline will not be considered.

The Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund has announced that the University of Tennessee Graduate School will notify them of available funds for a 2019-20 fellowship in November 2018.  UT will provide a fellowship to a graduate or doctoral student recommended by the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund.  To apply for the 2019-20 University of Tennessee fellowship, students must apply to the Scholarship Fund by making a request in writing to the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund Board of Directors, P. O. Box 892, Cherokee, NC 28719 by Feb. 1, 2019 to be considered for this fellowship.  If more than one application is received, the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will make a recommendation to UT Graduate School as to who should receive the fellowship based upon need.

Info: Scholarship Fund board members:  Dr. Reva Ballew, president, 631-1350; Dr.Jennifer Thompson, vice president, 507-5997; Mary Herr, secretary, 497-9498; Tamitha Fourkiller, treasurer, 497-7034; Dr. Carmaleta Monteith 497-2717; Sunshine Parker 506-1952; Jan Smith 507-1519; or Shannon Swimmer 736-3191.

– Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund