Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

Unhealthy Air Quality Advisory issued for Cherokee


NOTE: The following notice was issued this morning by the EBCI Natural Resources Air Quality Program.  

Due to the recent wildfire activities, the EBCI Natural Resources Air Quality Program is issuing an unhealthy air quality advisory.

air-quality-indexGiven the uncertainty in conditions and possibility of smoke inhalation in various areas, we advise people to protect themselves from the smoke by staying indoors or moving away from the impacted areas. Even if you don’t see visible smoke in your area, if you can smell it, your exposure is probably significant enough that it’s advisable to take measures to limit your exposure. If your area begins to experience even slight smoke or odors, we recommend you close all doors and windows and turn off air conditioners so that outside contaminated air is not brought inside.

Since smoke inhalation can increase the likelihood of respiratory symptoms and aggravation of lung disease, we recommend that any persons with respiratory ailments (such as asthma), young children, pregnant women and older adults avoid exposure to smoky air by staying indoors and avoid any outdoor activity, if possible. Everyone else should avoid any outdoor exertion.

We will continue to follow conditions on a day by day basis in the event of a sudden increase in fire activity or changes in smoke behavior that could impact populated areas.

– EBCI Natural Resources Air Quality Program