Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015

Holidays on the Hardwood schedule

Cherokee High School is hosting the Holidays on the Hardwood Basketball Tournament in the Charles George Memorial Arena on Dec. 21-23.


Monday, Dec. 21 
Owen vs. Hayesville, 11:30am
Greenville (SC) vs. North Buncombe, 2:30pm
Asheville vs. Polk County, 5:30pm
Cherokee vs. Cosby (Tenn.) 8:30pm


Tuesday, Dec. 22

Owen-Hayesville loser vs. Greenville-North Buncombe loser, 11:30am
Asheville-Polk County loser vs. Cherokee-Cosby loser, 2:30pm

Owen-Hayesville winner vs. Greenville-North Buncombe winner, 5:30pm
Asheville-Polk County winner vs. Cherokee-Cosby winner, 8:30pm


Wednesday, Dec. 23
Seventh place/eighth place game, 11:30am
Fifth place/sixth place game, 2:30pm
Third place/fourth place game, 5:30pm
Championship game, 8:30pm


Monday, Dec. 21
Asheville vs. New Faith Christian Academy (Ga.), 10am
Hayesville vs. North Buncombe, 1pm
Cosby (Tenn.) vs. Erwin, 4pm
Owen vs. Cherokee, 7pm


Tuesday, Dec. 22 
Cosby-Erwin loser vs. Hayesville-North Buncombe loser, 10am
Asheville-New Faith Christian Academy loser vs. Owen-Cherokee loser, 1pm
Cosby-Erwin winner vs. Hayesville-North Buncombe winner, 4pm
Asheville-New Faith Christian Academy winner vs. Owen-Cherokee winner, 7pm


Wednesday, Dec. 23 

Seventh place/eighth place game, 10am
Fifth place/sixth place game, 1pm
Third place/fourth place game, 4pm
Championship game, 7pm