Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2015

Community Pool idea discussed in public meeting





A community pool is being planned for Cherokee, and a public meeting was held on Monday, Aug. 24 to garner input on what features are wanted for the project.  The meeting, sponsored by the Division of Commerce, was held in the Ginger Lynn Welch Complex.

A 1.5 acre lot in the Yellowhill Community has been slated for the pool which will be located adjacent to the Yellowhill Activity Center.

Consultants from Stewart, Inc., a Raleigh-based design firm, as well as Padgett & Freeman Architects were present at the meeting.  Both firms have been slated to help plan and execute the project.  Stewart is also working with ADI Pool & Spa on the design of the aquatic features for the project.

“It’s going to be a fun process,” said Michaell Batts, Stewart associate vice president and manager of landscape architecture.  “This is the first step.  We all want this to be a great pool for the community.”

Numerous possible features of the pool were discussed including: spray element, zero entry, splash deck, slides and interactive water features, lighting for night swimming, diving elements, food service, design of a building structure, and having an arcade or community room component.

Tinker Jenks, EBCI Division of Commerce, said the project idea began several years ago and public input is being sought at the direction of the Tribal Planning Board.  She related the initial budget for the project is $1 million, but that is not a hard figure as it is still in the early planning and concept stages.

Damon Lambert, EBCI Building Construction manager, said a total of four different sites were looked at for the project with some being eliminated due to the possible archaeological impact.  “Planning Board selected the site.  Site selection has been the big delay.”

Stewart officials related they hope to have three conceptual options to present to Planning Board by mid-October.  Lambert said once the project is completely approved, construction on the pool would take in the range of 9-12 months.

There was scarce attendance at Monday’s meeting so organizers put up an online survey to try to garner community input on the pool.  This survey will be online until Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 5pm: