Published On: Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

LETTER: Thank you to Yogi Crowe Scholarship


My name is Randall Crowe, a recipient of the Yogi Crowe Scholarship Fund.  I am a third year law student currently interning at the Tribal Prosecutor’s Office.  Throughout the duration of the internship, I will be performing my third year practice under the supervision of Tribal Prosecutor Jason Smith.

I would like to thank the board members of the Yogi Crowe Scholarship for making my third year practice possible.  As the internship is not paid, I was forced between taking the unpaid internship or getting a job at the beginning of the summer.  Luckily, the Yogi Crowe Scholarship provided me with the necessary living expenses to accept the unpaid internship opportunity and receive class credit from Charlotte School of Law.

I would like to thank the contributors to the scholarship because without them, my internship would not be possible.  Thankfully, there are many contributors who keep the memory of Yogi Crowe and the Scholarship alive.  The many contributors are also proof of how many people the Scholarship has helped over the year, like myself.  Thanks to the Yogi Scholarship, I am well  on my way to reaching my educational goals and securing my place as a future contributor.

Thank you,

Randall Crowe