Published On: Fri, Apr 11th, 2014

Update on Cemetery in Wolfetown Community


This is a friendly reminder that if your family is looking for a burial site, the Wolfetown Community Cemetery is immediately available for burial of your loved ones.  The graveyard is available for burials to everyone including non-Tribal members – regardless of your religion or your community.  The graveyard is open to all.

Current burials will be within the chain link fence; in the near future this fence will be coming down to enable the expansion of the cemetery.  Tribal Planning is working with the Wolfetown Community and the planning committee to develop plans and ideas on how to improve the site for future burials.  Future plans are to clean-up the area around the cemetery and we hope to enhance the cemetery landscape and erect a sign.

New graves are to be facing east and adjacent (i.e., side by side) to existing graves so that the area can be fully utilized so that there are no scattered graves.  All Free Labor groups and grave diggers are asked to put down a tarp next to the grave site on which to put the grass sod and dirt.  Once the coffin is covered, the remaining dirt on the tarp must be removed from the cemetery and the sod replaced on the grave.  The family is responsible for the upkeep of the area immediately around the grave site by removing old decorations, dead flowers, etc.  Please do not plant any shrubbery, plants or flowers, rose bushes, etc. on the grave site.

If you have a death and would like to bury your loved one in the Wolfetown Cemetery, you may contact the Chairman of the Wolfetown Community Club, Tuff Jackson, 497-5332; Cathy Smith Burns 497-5672, Mary Wachacha 497-5350 or you can contact your Wolfetown Council Representatives, Bo Crowe and Bill Taylor.  Their role is not to approve burials.  Their role is to ensure the upkeep of the cemetery.

A $20 donation is welcomed.  This money will be used to maintain the cemetery, get the grass mowed, etc.   This cemetery is immediately available for burials.