Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013

Thank you letter to Yogi Crowe Scholarship

Thank you to the Richard Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship committee for seeing fit to once again fund me.  As I enter my final year of law school I can credit this scholarship for allowing me the freedom to focus solely on my schoolwork and extra curricular activities.  I was recently admitted to practice in Tennessee as a student attorney and the funding I receive from this scholarship will allow me to dedicate more time to the clients I will be serving.  This experience of doing real life legal work will be vitally important to my success not only in my future law career but also as I prepare to take the bar exam.  The more experience I can gain dealing with courts, judges, and fellow attorneys will only serve to make me a better lawyer. Your funding indicates that you continue to believe in my ability to achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer.  Thank you again for choosing to fund me for another semester.



Sunshine Parker