Published On: Fri, Jan 4th, 2013

Thank you letter to Yogi Crowe Scholarship

Thank you again to the Richard Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship committee for choosing to fund me for another semester.  I am at the halfway point of my law school career and funding from this scholarship has been integral to my success.  The grant has allowed me to focus solely on my studies and my internship.  With this funding I have been able to work for nearly a year at the Department of Interior.  In this position I have been able to work closely on issues relating to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and gain insight into issues that other tribes in the United States face.  During this first year and half, I have also been able to participate in an oral argument competition, meet Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and complete a mock murder trial.  All of these experiences have contributed to my growing legal knowledge.  Your continued funding shows that you believe in my ability to accomplish my goal of becoming a lawyer.  Thank you again for choosing to fund me for another semester.



Sunshine Parker