Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Changes in Cherokee Indian Hospital Outpatient

The Cherokee Indian Hospital Outpatient Department is changing their appointment process to Open Access which means that patients will be able to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider when they want one or the same day.

Cherokee Indian Hospital is also developing Integrated Care Teams.  These teams will consist of one or two providers, a registered nurse (RN) case manager, a certified medical assistant (CMA)/ licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a case management support person (CMS).

“We believe this will improve the quality of care you receive,” CIH officials stated.  “If you need an appointment, you can contact your case management support person. If you do not know who your primary care provider is or you do not have a primary care provider, we can assist you with finding one that will meet your needs.”

Over the next few months, letters will sent to patients reminding them of who their primary care provider is and/or changes in primary care providers.

Listed below are the Integrated Care Teams for the department:

Farrell, Toedt: A Ross, RN; S. Blankenship, CMA; C. DeHart, CMS

Bubb, Wolfe: L. Lambert, RN; Stephenson, LPN; S. Sanchez, CMS

Maynard, Ross: C. Moore, RN; B. Lambert, LPN; S. Arch, CMS

L. Hyde, Winchester: A. Holt, RN; P. Woodard, LPN; J. Wolfe, CMS

McKittrick, G. Hyde: B. Taylor, RN; K. Mahoney, LPN; J. Wolfe, CMS

Fernandez, Bubb: R. McCauley, RN; N. Moore, LPN; R. Murray, CMS

Nations: S. Greene, RN; A. Hall, LPN; Murray/Owl, CMS

White: McMichael, RN; E. Hyde, CMA; L. Owl, CMS

– Cherokee Indian Hospital