Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2012

Schedule for Friday’s Cherokee Archaeology Day

Following is the official schedule for the Cherokee Archaeology Day being hosted by the EBCI Tribal Historic Preservation Office on Friday, Sept. 7 from 8:15am – 3pm at the Chestnut Tree Inn:


Ballroom 1                                                                                           Ballroom 2

8:15-8:30              Opening Remarks

8:30-9                    Lamar Marshall                                              Dr. Anne Rogers

9-9:30                    Pat Ezzell                                                           Tyler Howe

9:30-10                 Paul Webb (Ravensford)                             Erin Pritchard

10-10:30               Break                                                                  Break

10:30-11               Dr. Thomas Maher                                        Shawn Patch

11-11:30               Dr. Jan Simek                                                   Scott Ashcraft

11:30-12               Dr. Ben Steere                                                  Steven Kidd

12-1:00                 Lunch                                                                  Lunch

1-1:30                                                                                                   Dr. Brett Riggs

1:30-2                    Paul Webb (Hickory Log)                           Dr. Kathryn Sampeck

2-2:30                    Dr. David Moore                                            Dr. Elizabeth Keller DeCorse,

Michael Angst, and Erik Kreusch

2:30-3                    Russell Townsend


Lamar Marshall- Cherokee Geography of Western North Carolina

Dr. Anne Rogers- Archaeology at the Appletree Camp Ground Site

Pat Ezzell- Consultation History with Southeastern Tribes

Tyler Howe- Year End Review of the THPO

Paul Webb- Ravensford Archaeology

Erin Pritchard- Archaeological Resources Protection Act

Dr. Thomas Maher- TVA’s Commitment to NAGPRA Repatriation

Shawn Patch- The Sacred Hiwassee Riverscape

Dr. Jan Simek- The Sky Above, the Mud Below: Prehistoric Cave and Rock Art in Tennessee

Scott Ashcraft- Big Things for a Big Guy, The Judaculla Rock Project

Dr. Ben Steere- The Western North Carolina Mounds and Towns Project: Using Archaeology to Relocate Important Places on the Cherokee Landscape

Steven Kidd- Archaeological Excavations at the Peaks of Otter, Virginia

Dr. Brett Riggs- The Archaeology of Cherokee Life at the Time of Removal

Paul Webb- Hickory Log Site

Dr. Kathryn Sampeck- New Evaluation of DeSoto’s Route from Joara to Chiaha: the Cherokee Borderlands

Dr. David Moore- Cherokee Diplomats and the Diplomacy of Survival

Dr. Elizabeth Keller DeCorse, Michael Angst, and Erik Kreusch- Connecting the Past to the Present: The Cherokee Archaeological Field School

Russell Townsend- Closing Remarks