Published On: Thu, Aug 16th, 2012

Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Aug. 2

Count sheets from Aug. 2 Tribal Council

Tabled Ord. No. 85 – Elections Ordinance – Amended/Tabled


Tabled Res. No. 146 – Transfers to Jeremiah D. Gloyne (d) heirs be approved without signatures of Roberta L. Gloyne and Helen G. Snow – Withdrawn


Tabled Ord. No. 153 – Cherokee Code Chapter 92 re: Tribal Business Preference Law – Tabled


Tabled Ord. No. 156 – Cherokee Code Chapter 143-6(k)(1) re: Native stone/rock on all commercial construction projects – Killed


Tabled Ord. No. 179 – Cherokee Code Chapter 105-44 re: Personal Liability – Passed


Tabled Ord. No. 181 – Cherokee Code Section 16C re: Revenue allocation – Withdrawn


Tabled Ord. No. 182 – Criminal Code re: maximum term of imprisonment and maximum fines – Passed


Tabled Res. No. 196 – Recognized legal heirs as successors in interest of William Dale Long (d) – Passed


Tabled Ord. No. 208 – Cherokee Police Commission – Tabled


Tabled Ord. No. 209 – Regulating individuals that participate as Cherokee Chiefs and live music throughout Cherokee – Tabled


Tabled Ord. No. 210 – Child Pornography – Passed


Tabled Ord. No. 211 – Bankruptcy – Passed


Tabled Res. No. 231 – Assistance for Joshua Ray McNeilly in obtaining a right of way to his property in Snowbird – Tabled


Tabled Ord. No. 244 – Cherokee Code Chapter 16 re: Tribal Gaming & Regulations – Amended/Passed


Ord. No. 279 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 161, Elections – Tabled


Res. No. 280 – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of Ernest Locust (d) – Passed


Res. No. 281 – Amendment to Res. No. 31 (2011) – Last will and testament of Earl Ray Swayney (d) – Passed


Res. No. 282 – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of William Arthur Locust, Sr. (d) – Passed


Res. No. 283 – Last will and testament of Irene Bradley Smith (d) and Edwin James Smith, Sr. (d) – Passed


Res. No. 284 – Sandra Lepscier Fussell and Mary Lepscier Kennedy allowed to transfer property to Lois Winkler Wyatt – Passed


Res. No. 285 – Sonya Denise Taylor assigned possessory interest in Upper Cherokee Community Parcel No. 75-X – Passed


Res. No. 286 – Amendment to Res. No. 953 (2007) – Last will and testament of Mary Ann Wade – Passed


Res. No. 287 – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of Vera Nell Wade (d) – Passed


Res. No. 288 – Mutual-Help homes assigned – Passed


Ord. No. 289 – Addition of Chapter 105-15 II to Cherokee Code – Tabled


Ord. No. 290 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Sections 117-101, 103, 105, 107 and 109 re: Internal Audit – Tabled


Res. No. 291 – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of Katherine Swayney Wolfe (d) – Passed


Res. No. 292 – Implementation of deputation agreements with Jackson, Swain, Haywood, Graham, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Departments and NC SBI – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 293 – Last will and testament of Calvin Truman James, Sr. (d) – Passed


Res. No. 294 – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of Allen Russell Walkingstick (d) – Passed


Res. No. 295 – Kimmy Jackson be awarded one half of marital residence and exclusive possession for a period of three years – Amended/Tabled


Res. No. 296 – EBCI request title to Nikwasi Mound be transferred to EBCI – Passed


Ord. No. 297 – Request to relieve Tribal Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Chairperson and associate members of their duties and membership on the board – Amended/Tabled


Ord. No. 298 – Request to relieve Alcohol Law Enforcement agent(s) of their duties and be dismissed – Amended/Tabled


Res. No. 299 – FMD monies in the amount of $2,246.20 remain in high-interest bearing government account until expenditure plan is developed by BIA Forestry and Timber & Natural Resources Committee – Passed


Res. No. 300 – TCGE Board of Advisors authorized to proceed with purchase and renovation of the Inn of the Seven Clans leasehold interests through upset bid process – Dead (No action)


Res. No. 301 – Appointments to the Board of Sequoyah National Golf Club, LLC – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 302 – Bylaws of Sequoyah National Golf Club, LLC – Tabled


Res. No. 303 – Amendment to Tribal Education Program Guidelines and Requirements – Tabled


Res. No. 304 – Budget amendment #14 for Fisheries & Wildlife Management – Passed


No # given – Recognize legal heirs as successors in interest of Russell Long (d) – Hold for next month


No # given – QHA Board of Commissioners request Council reconsider transfer of Wolfetown Parcel No. 488 to Glen J. Bradley – Withdrawn


No # given – Ralph and Joan Smith Henry permitted to sublease the War Eagle Craft Shop – Withdrawn

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