Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2012

CHS Golf Schedule

(host team listed first)


(all matches in March are nine holes and start at 3:30pm)

13 – Cherokee, Swain, Highlands, Rosman, Robbinsville  

15 – Hayesville, Murphy, Rosman, Cherokee, Robbinsville

20 – Cherokee, Highlands, Blue Ridge, Andrews, Hayesville, Rosman

22 – Rosman, Andrews, Cherokee, Hiawassee Dam, Nantahala, Swain

27 – Cherokee, Murphy, Rosman, Hiawassee Dam, Blue Ridge


(the two regular matches in April are 18 holes and start at 1pm)

19 – Blue Ridge, Highlands, Murphy, Andrews, Cherokee

24 – Swain, Rosman, Cherokee, Highlands, Blue Ridge

26 – SMC Tournament First Round (Hayesville)

30 – SMC Tournament Second Round (Highlands)


3 – SMC rain date

7 – Regional tournament

14-15 State Championship tournament