Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2011

Yogi Crowe Scholarship Fund Deadline nearing

                         The deadline for requesting financial assistance from the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund for spring semester is Tuesday, Nov. 1.  Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date and mailed on or before the deadline.  Applications not postmarked by the deadline will not be considered. 

                        The Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians working on graduate and post-graduate degrees.  Applications and guidelines can be downloaded from the Fund’s Website at or obtained from any of the board members or Tribal Education. 

                        The Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce that an offer of free tuition from the University of Tennessee Graduate School at Knoxville is available to one student per academic year working on a Master’s degree.    Applicants must make a request in writing to the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund Board of Directors, P. O. Box 892, Cherokee, NC 28719 by July 1 each year to be considered for this waiver.  If more than one application is received, the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will make a recommendation to UT Graduate School as to who should receive the tuition waiver based upon need. 

            For more information, contact any of the Scholarship Fund board members:  Dr. Carmaleta Monteith, President 497-2717; Dr. Reva Ballew, Vice President 631-1350; Mary Herr, Secretary 497-9498; Sharon Blankenship, Treasurer 497-4057, Leeann Bridges 497-8312, Anita Lossiah 736-2698  or Mary Wachacha 497-5350. 

– Yogi Crowe Scholarship Fund Board