Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2011

Tribal Council Results – Thursday, March 3

Tabled Ord. No. 561 – Fire Prevention Code – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 562 – Tribal Business Preference Law – Tabled

Tabled Ord. No. 610 – Amendment to Minors and Other Legal Incompetents Ord. – Tabled

Tabled Ord. No. 611 – Revised Personnel Policy – Tabled

Res. No. 632 – George Martin desires Council abide by Lloyd Welch Constitution and enrolled members be at least 1/16 blood degree – Tabled

No # given – Tony and Sis Cabe desire that Res. No. 578 (11) be rescinded regarding DOT project at Jenkins Crossing in Birdtown Community (Item No. 3) – Withdrawn

Res. No. 633 – Amendment to Res. No. 516 (10) regarding heirs of Betty Lucille Screamer George (d) – Passed

Res. No. 634 – Last will & testament of Lewis Ralph Murphy (d) – Passed

Res. No. 635 – Request transfer of possessory interest from EBCI to Jesse Catt (d) heirs be approved without signatures of Mary Catt, Sarah York, Sandra York, Remy Catt, Stephanie Catt and Matthew York – Passed

Res. No. 636 – Board of Directors appointed to Madison Hornbuckle Children’s Cancer Foundation – Passed

Res. No. 637 – Request that Council approve development and design of a North Carolina state-approved tag for enrolled members – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 638 – Ethics Policy Committee – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 639 – Request that Council approve Forest Management Plan section addressing installation and management of wildlife openings on Tribal lands – Tabled

Res. No. 640 – Request that proposed agreement between Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway and NPS be approved so list of projects may be completed by Peanut Crowe – Withdrawn

Res. No. 641 – Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan update – Passed

Res. No. 642 – Tribal appointment of Kevin Welch to IAC Board – Passed

Res. No. 643 – Office of Environment & Natural Resources authorized to seek funding through the EPA up to $460,000 on behalf of the Tribal Air Quality, Water Quality & General Assistance Programs – Passed

Res. No. 644 – Emergency Management Program authorized to submit grant application with in-kind contribution – Passed

Res. No. 645 – CPD and the Tribal Prosecutors Office authorized to seek funding from the National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP) Grant Program – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 646 – CPD and Tribal Prosecutors Office authorized to seek funding from the Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program – Tabled

Res. No. 647 – Privatization of New Kituwah Academy and Implementation – Amended/Passed

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