Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2010

Tribal Council Results – Feb. 4


Tabled Res. No. 27 – Peggy Saunooke requests that Kirk Saunooke and Matthew Martin be removed as Tribal Court judges – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 30 – Solomon “Slick” Saunooke desires that Ord. No. 43 (03) be rescinded in its entirety – Withdrawn

Tabled Res. No. 38 – Nancy Long requests EBCI reclaim status and power under Ch. 207 of Private Laws of NC, recognizing constitution of EBCI as bylaws of municipal corporation – Withdrawn

Tabled Res. No. 39 – Nancy Long requests that all subsidies to private enterprises be stopped immediately – Remains Tabled

Tabled Res. No. 40 – Donald Long requests EBCI cease allowing BIA, Division of Forestry, control and manage of Tribal property, both real and personal – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 79 – Teresa McCoy requests amendment to Ch. 113 – Hunting & Fishing Ordinance – Killed

Tabled Res. No. 88 – Last will & testament of Charlotte Rosalie Sneed Whittemore (d) recognized – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 122 – Travel Ordinance – submitted by Terry Taylor – Remains Tabled

Tabled Res. No. 129 – Last will & testament of Maybelle W. Lepscier (d) – Passed

Res. No. 156 – Duke Power – emergency resolution regarding placement of substation near Kituwah – Passed

Res. No. 157 – Request for Tribe to donate or lease property to Cherokee Pentecostal Holiness Church for as long as property is used for active church – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 158 – Last will & testament of Charlotte Rosalie Sneed Whittemore (d) – submitted by Legal Dept. – Passed

No # given – Gary Ledford requests to establish official EBCI Honor Guard – Hold for March

Res. No. 159 – Appointment of Board Members to Museum of the Cherokee Indian – Passed

Ord. No. 160 – Business background checks ordinance – Tabled

Ord. No. 161 – Loss of Membership – Enrollment Ord. Amendments – Tabled

Res. No. 162 – IRR Program – CDOT – Develop Agreement regarding assuming duties of Secretary of Interior to IRR Program on Reservation – Passed

Res. No. 163 – GIS – Submit grant application to EPA for $130,000 – Passed