Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2009

Judgment Summary for Cherokee Tribal Court

 Provided by Cherokee Tribal Court

Judgment Summary for Dec. 15

DRIVER, Henry James

14-40.51(c)- Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer – Dismissed – Treatment Complete

14-40.56 – Assault on a Female (DV) – Dismissed – Treatment Complete 

 McCOY, Darlene

14-30.6 – Child Abuse in the Second Degree – Dismissed – Insufficient Evidence to Warrant Prosecution

 McCOY, Norman

14-40.55 – Assault with Deadly Weapon (DV) – Guilty/Responsible, 90 days active jail time, Non-compliant with Batterer’s Treatment, 90 day sentence activated


14-30.3 – Compulsory School Attendance – Prayer for Judgment Continued